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Sales Meeting Design

The Sales Meetings we design are sharply focused on one thing: ways to accelerate sales the day following the meeting.

Can’t bring customers to your meeting?
GPS can by creating real-life videos or conducting customer satisfaction research.

Have “great” sales people on your team?
Our Consultants design ways to get everyone to learn what they do best…to implement their refined sales skills the day after the meeting.

Is your Sales Management Team challenged by increasing the effectiveness of their people?
GPS brings those situations into the meeting for everyone to discover that change can be easy. That's called Team Building!

Oh! About those Marketing Presentations...
Shouldn’t they be “Jump Out Of Your Chair” inspiring? GPS will work with you through interactive learning.

Design Your Best Meetings
"Driving the agenda" is the role of any meeting leader...but having a well planned agenda is the key to meeting success. GPS helps with these factors.

Agenda Content
  • Replace numerous PowerPoint slides with dialogue to create important learning and participation.
  • The more involved participants are in the design the more they will own the meeting.
  • Design your content around organizational initiatives, themes or team goals.
  • A key design goal is to get people out of their chairs.
  • Make a point with a team building exercise with structured debriefs aligned to goals.

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Serving Clients

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