Team Gourmet
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Team Gourmet - A Culinary Team Building Experience

  • Team members plan, prepare and eat a team meal.

  • Group Size / Time Required:
    8 to 80 / 90-120 minutes. Previous cooking experience not required.

  • Lighter, fun orientation; or moderate team debriefing for lessons learned and workplace application.

  • The team gourmet experience is reviewed and discussed to the level desired.

  • The team makes decisions on recipes, decides on roles and responsibilities, plans, solves problems, and coordinates timing for a team meal.

  • The team receives a menu, ingredients (partially pre-prepared), tools and utensils, but not recipes!

  • Team Building Gourmet is an enjoyable time for all!

The best gatherings end up in the kitchen. As a result of Team Gourmet your team will be to talking, laughing and sharing, which is what every great team building experience should deliver!

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